Kay Angel Orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti

Thu, Apr 8, 2010


Our Mission is to provide a home and education for children infected or affected by AIDS in Jacmel. As our resources allow, to provide emergency aid to the community of Jacmel.

Our History

Kay Angel, Creole for Angel House, opened its doors in 2007 and is now home to 13 children. 5 are HIV+; 2 are severely handicapped; all are lucky to be alive. They are the fortunate exceptions to the estimated 225,000 child slaves in Haiti, children as young as five years old who lost their parents and are now forced to work just to survive.

The orphanage’s director, Lia van de Donk, and her local staff care for the children 24/7. Half of them are of school age and visited either the local kindergarten, a school for the handicapped or were taught by own private teacher – until the earthquake destroyed all three facilities.

Support for Kay Angel comes from private donations, and local support from the World Food Program.

WeCanBuildanOrphanage.com received its grant of non-profit status from the IRS in March of 2007, and was recognized as tax-exempt by the State of California later that year.

Administrative Contact Info
1291 Will Geer Road
Topanga, CA 90290
Orphanage Contact Info
Kay Angel Orphanage
Lia van de Donk
Rue Albert Jean-Louis
Jacmel, Haiti

Our Location

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2 Responses to “Kay Angel Orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti”

  1. Molly Kent says:

    I am interested in knowing how the orphanage and the children are doing. I would like to continue to contribute, but need to have a clear idea of how my help is actually making life better for the children and how many are being served. I was given this site by a friend who has visited and worked in Haiti often. I trust her information, but know that much of the money sent to Haiti is not reaching the children abd families in need. I do not have much to work with, so I really want to know that what I can send goes directly to those who need it most.

  2. Greg Higgins says:

    You must be very strong and brave to have recovered from all the quake damage so well. Keep up the good work. You’re “Sacrifice” site is beautiful. Please consider using HabiTek for your new Kay Angel orphanage. We would agree to supply our modular bolt-together erector-set like steel framing components at cost, and waive any profits: http://www.habitek.biz . Our sturdy building system, over ten years in development, is specifically designed to resist earthquakes and hurricanes, and can be readily adapted to your building plans. Very best wishes as you move ahead. Vive Haiti!
    Greg Higgins, Architect
    Spokane, WA
    P: 509.482.2764

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About Kay Angel

Our Mission is to provide a home and education for abandoned children in Jacmel, Haiti. And as our resources allow, to provide emergency aid to the community of Jacmel. Learn more about Kay Angel Orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti

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