Happy Holidays!!!! Part 1

Thu, Jan 16, 2014

Kay Angel


We are back!!! Due to some set backs with our electronics we were unable to update the blog for some time but we are back now!

Merry Xmas everyone! The kids and I passed a wonderful holiday this year. A few weeks before Xmas the kids asked if I would be sleeping over like we did last year? When I agreed they all danced and sang ( it was more like screaming and jumping like wild animals) at the news. I told them that this year we were going to have a Xmas sleep over and we were going to camp out in the living room to wait for santa while watching ever Xmas movie we own.

As soon as school let out for the holiday we started decorating the whole house with cut outs of Xmas trees and other Xmasy type things. We dusted off our plastic non eco-friendly tree and gave it a bath. Youseline disappeared for a bit and went to take a “walk”, when she busted through the front gate 15 mins later she was out of breath and laughing historically. She had set out on a mission to find a stand for the tree and “borrowed” a cinder block from a neighbor. Since it was for Santa we all joined in her laughter and quickly painted the block gold so no one could recognize it if they came looking for it. This year the kids begged for Xmas lights so with the help of Elaine our head nanny, we bought the kids lights which they hung on our front balcony for everyone to see.

Xmas eve was finally here!!!! Te kids were bouncing around. I arrived at the house with PJ’s and snacks right as it was getting dark and the kids had finished eating. We stormed up the stairs and ripped all the mattresses from the beds and arranged them in the TV room. Boys were in one section, girls in the other and Woodley floated between us all. The big hit that night was Home Alone, I haven’t seen them laugh so hard in a while. One by one they started to doze off except YAKIME!!!! He and I ended staying up till 1:30am watching movies till he fell asleep and Santa could work some Santa magic. During our movie marathon we had a bed wetting incident were 3 of us fell victims to the puddle me included, I assume Melinda dreamt of being a world champion boxer as she swung a big one that caught me right in the left eye, and a few attempts at peeking to see if Santa had come. It was a long night but a fun one. Santa was pooped by the time gifts were done being placed under the tree ;)

The next morning We we all up before the sun. One by one I watched little heads pop up and whispers turned in to big discussions of what was waiting for us under the tree. Elene our morning cook arrived around 6 and started to prepare warm sweet milk with cinnamon, grated ginger sugar and sweet potatoes. At 7am we all shot down the stairs and gazed upon all the gifts around the tree and 3 HUGE bikes!!!!!! Boy did we have a hole lot to talk about over breakfast.

Once our bellies were full we piled in to the library/study and I decided to just let them stamped. Xmas was here and everyone ripped open their goodie bags. There were candies, new clothes, toys, school stuff, art stiff…….. the kids were all so happy. Eventually they all ended up in PJ’s and tennis shoes outside playing with toys and taking turns on the bikes. We spent the rest of the day just playing and enjoying our amazing family.

Many thanks to all the Santa’s that made this Xmas so beautiful for our kids. If you would like to become a Santa or an easter bunny or just get involved please drop us a line.

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  1. Nancy says:

    What a fun time you all had! The children are sure growing up fine :)
    Take care,

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