Happy Holidays!!!! Part 2

Thu, Jan 16, 2014

Kay Angel

Santa brings a little extra

As if Xmas could not get any better we had 3 more extra special surprises waiting for Xmas day.


#1- Right before we all sat down to eat breakfast there was a knock on our door…….who in their right mind would be up for a visit at this hour??? When we opened the door in popped in Youseline’s grand mother and 2 cousins which a huge bag of bananas from the mountains and Yams!!!! Youseline was sooooooooooo happy to see her Grandmother and quickly invited her in to sit with us for a visit. She smiling so big as she sat in her grandmothers arms. Her grand mother gave her some packs of cookies as well which Youseline divvied up amongst the kids and shared with all our staff. We were off to a GREAT start.


#2- As we finished up our delicious Xmas lunch we received another mystery bang on our door????? I opened the door and in came the international Santa Police!!! They came with so many MORE gifts for the kids. I translated for the Santa Police as they told the kids that they had made a special trip to bring them some little gifts for Xmas. I was so proud of our kids who all shared with out any fights the gifts the Santa police brought. Brazilian Santa of course came with a soccer ball and didn’t lose any time showing some new moves to Zael. French and Canada Santa sat back with calm sweet smiles and watched as the kids played with their new gifts like lip gloss, cars, barbies and YO-YO’s. They spent about an hour with us before they had to return to defending Santa’s delivery route. It was a pleasant visit we had with you guys thank you so much!!!!


#3- Beach Santa took us swimming…..do I need say anything else???? HO HO HO HO!!!

Thank you again to all the Santa’s out there for all you do for us. If you would like to become a Santa or an easter bunny or just get involved please drop us a line.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Looks like a great day all the way around!

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