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Fri, Aug 16, 2013

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A few months ago I sat down with the 3 older girls for talk, the subject was grades.  We had a bit of a ruff year and I wanted to  know what they really loved in life.  Youseline wants to dance, Melinda wants to sing but Estania didn’t really know.  She told me she didn’t like either.  I had to explain to her that those where not the only options to choose from.  She could be interested in a whole bunch of other things.  She sat quietly for a few minutes and then with a huge smile whispered cooking and quickly hid her face.  GEEZE!!! I pounced on her and in a joking manor i coxed her hands away from her face and asked to to repeat that thought only this time with confidence.  COOKING! she managed to giggle and blurt at the same time.  I proceeded to tell them they could do anything they want in life as long as they establish a solid education base, but this is not what this story is about.

July 30th- Estania’s birthday


I try to think of things that each one of the kids likes to create a personal feeling at their birthday.  Since Estania said she loved cooking and has become more active in the kitchen I thought I would give her 2 options.  I called her in to my office and asked her what she would like to do (1) buy a cake as we would normally do (2) Bake for the kids and share the birthday love?  Estania is a big thinker or just likes a bit dramatic build up….she sat for several minutes to weigh her choices.  Finally she walked up to my desk and said she wanted to bake.  This was so cool, what would we make??????


The day of her birthday we went out just the 2 of us to the open market followed by Star Plus (favorite grocery store) to collect all the things we would need for a cookie party.  She help gather and carry all the precious ingredients.  We had flour, sugar, vanilla, raisins, cranberries, and PINK FROSTING!!  When we got back to K.A. she joined her tutoring session as I set up for bake fest.  The little ones were so curious and kept having to kick them out of the kitchen.  When Estania was excused from her studies we got to work.  First there was the music.  It is very import to have the right music while cooking and we chose Shakira.  Next we started to make the batter.  Estania was standing so close to watch every detail i thought she was going to become part of the batter at any moment.  Since this was her birthday and she was head cook she decided to add LOTS of red food color to the batter to make pink cookies.  I showed her how to make cookie balls and where to place them on the sheet.  We popped in the first batch. what seemed like 100 cookies later we were ready for frosting.  I took a small size zippy bag from the office and cut a corner.  I filled it with Bright pink frosting and handed it to the chef.  She decorated every cookie she made with smiles for days.  I had not see Estania glow so much.  By now it was dinner time.  the kids inhaled their dinners and now it was time to celebrate.  We set up all the cookies on the table and called up the kids to pick a cookie each and then another.  We served them with a side of soda and juices.  Everyone was so happy and so impressed.  They all thanked Estania and you could tell she was loving every moment of it.

Now I am in the states and I was nervous not to be in Haiti for Nancy’s birthday.  I little birdie told me that Estania took it upon her self to bake once again a bunch of cookies for all and the birdie said they were mighty tasty.  CHEERS! Estania for making Nancy’s birthday a fun and special time.  I’m so proud of how far our kids have come since they first came to live with us in 2007.  

If you would like to get involved with our kids please feel free to contact us directly :)

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