Yousline’s medical update

Fri, Aug 16, 2013

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Back in May we learned that Youseline may have cysts on her ovaries and that she had another problem that would require a minor sugary.  Youseline had asked if I could find her a female doctor to continue her treatment because she was not comfortable with a male doctor.  I understood how she felt.  It is not easy for any girl to go to the gynecologist for the first time and feel exposed in front of a stranger, for some it makes it worse when the doctor is a man.  I met with some friends who have been working in Haiti for a few years and started to my search for a female doctor for Youseline.  It was so impressive how many people wanted to help Youseline and how many people understood the importance of finding her a new doctor.  With in a week I had a reference to a doctor in Port Au Prince now I just needed to get there.

School had just been let out and we were finally on vacation.  This was the perfect time to travel to Port au Prince for the kids would not miss school.  Estania had her normal 6 month check up scheduled at her cardiologist office so I decided that this would be a good time to go with Youseline as well.  We planned to make a day trip to Port au Prince with one appointment in the morning and o ne after lunch putting us back in Jacmel by dinner.  Little did we know we would get stuck there for a few days.  

We left Jacmel around 6am.  It was Youeseline, Estania, Melinda, our security guide, and myself.  We arrived in Port au Prince around 9am.We dropped our back packs off at friends how was kind enough to drive us to our appointments.  Estania’s appointment was first and we were praised for the care we continue giving her.  Next was Youseline.  We made our way up to Petion Ville and were dropped off right in the center of it.  I had confirmed her appointment earlier in the morning and everything was going so smoothly.  We got a little lost finding the building and when i called her new doctor she apologized immediately and said that she was unable to Youseline till the next morning due to an emergency.  We were to stay the night in Port au Prince.  Fortunately I have a good friend who didn’t mind if i dropped in with a hand full of kids.  Again everything was still going smoothly till 7:30 pm.  The power in port au prince went out.  The water was not working and I needed to feed my girls.  It turned in to a scene of hunting and gathering.  I stayed with the girl while my friends set out to find food and shelter with power.  Not long after the boys bounced in triumphantly.  they found a place for us to stay with the girls that was safe and had power.  \

The next day we went to our appointment.  I gave the doctor all Youseline’s medical information from Jacmel as well as her sonogram.  The doctor said that the sonogram was not very clear and wanted to redo it to get a clear picture of what was going on with Youseline.  She preformed a pelvic exam and said that we would talk about it when I came back from the sonogram lab.

The doctor who preformed her sonogram was extremely nice and very professional.  It was like walking in to a fancy doctors office in the states.  His equipment made the fist doctors stuff look like it came from the stone age.  Youseline was aked to drink TONS of water before we started.  Once she felt like she was about to pop we would be able to look at what was going on.  The water pushes all the organs down and makes it much easier for the doctor to read the sonogram.  As he started we spoke in Creole but quickly switched to English in order to avoid panic in Youseline.  He was unable to find Youseline’s uterus at all.  He said that he could not find any cysts at all.  He said that all her reproductive organs were under developed for a 12 year old and that she could have both male and female genes.  I was in shock.

We asked Youseline to step out for a moment so we could talk.  He explained to me that we needed to find help abroad.  In haiti they do not have the capacity to do genetic testing and it seemed that we had a rare case on our hands.  He called the gynecologist so that all 3 of us would be on the same page.  She explained to me and him that when she examined Youesline earlier she suspected this as well but wanted to see what sonogram showed.  Both agreed that if i could find a foreign doctor asap for Youseline we could find a way to treat her.  They asked that we start by having a hormone test done and then if possible a genetics test flown out to states. 

Just by chance I met a wonderful Dr from Fort Myers.  She was coming a week after this crazy news.  Youseline and I planned to go see her to see if we could have her take back a swap to the states for genetic testing.  After a long motorcycle ride in to the mountains above port au Price we finally saw Dr Shelly.  She was so warm and understanding.  Youseline was comfortable with here right away.  After I gave her all the info and she examined Youseline again.  She too agreed that Youseline most likely has genetic issue.  She said that from the looks of things Youseline shows signs typical of Rokitansky-Mayer-Küster-Hauser syndrome, but at this point it is to hard to tell for sure without proper medical facilities.

Both Dr shelly and I working hard to find help state side for Youseline. She will need an MRI, genetics test, and reconstructive surgery. If you would like to help Kay Angel or have anyone who can help with Youseline’s problems please contact me ASAP. Many thanks -Gala-

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  1. Nancy says:

    Oh my goodness. My thoughts are with you (as always).

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