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Thank you for choosing to make a valuble monthly commitment to our family by sponsoring one or more children at Kay Angel.  Your monthly sponsorship will help our team provide all the tiny elements that make up a real family home. 


Each one of our child needs multiple sponsors at $30/month, for a total monthly sponsorship of $450. All sponsors will receive a very special invitation to join their child’s individual Facebook group. Through these private groups you will receive photos, messages and updates on your sponsored child’s daily life and progress. We encourage each sponsor to help build their child’s support network through their own social networks. Invite a friend or family member to sponsor your child today! You may sponsor a child completely at $450 a month or in part by choosing your level of commitment. With each $30 sponsorship comes an invitation to join your child’s Facebook group.

Available sponsorships

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
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