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Kay Angels Moves Again!!

We moved again!!! Now I know what we all are thinking, "wow, those Kay Angel cats really love to move around.... " The reality is we HATE moving hahahaha, but as you can imagine it hard finding a good solid house with minimal problems as well as a good land lord. This time I think we finally did it, and the kids and I hope this is the last move for a while.

Our new home is really cute. Its more cozy than the last house and although we lost square footage inside, we gained much more livable space outside. The kids have already gone through 10 soccer balls, because our yard is ideal for playing fast games of soccer which involve smashing the ball against the front gate to score a goal. Make sure to duck if you ever come for a visit.

The house is much brighter and guess what!!!! No demons!!!! That's right people I found us a home free of supernatural demons. Our last home came fully loaded with a big bad scary Lougawou (Haitian scary monster of the night) who would throw our wheel barrel around at night and play really load drums. Now we have piece and quiet!!!!

Our new house comes with lots of perks, like FRUITS!!!! We have tons of mangoes, coconuts, cherries, star fruit, citrus and more, but of course they wont last long, since the kids behave much like locusts when snacks are involved. Nonetheless, the trees provide loads of entertainment for our troop, because now tree climbing contests are on the schedule.

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