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We planted trees!

I have no clue how Kettia has so much energy, this was twards the end when we were all very very tired.

We finally made it up to Basin Blue with the kids and it took was fun tree planting project! Every year the Kay Angel clan tries to participate in a community based project. This year I had the pleasure of being contacted by a dear friend of mine who works with the ministry of tourism here in Jacmel. She asked if the kids wanted to be part of a tree-planting project near Basin Blue (Jacmel’s famous water falls and lagoons). My friend scored on over 1,000 various fruit and flower trees for the zone! We were so pumped and excited to be a part of this great project. Most of Haiti’s forests are gone. Every year more and more trees are hacked down so that people can cook with either wood or charcoal.

Lots of our friends were involved in the big day

The morning started like most when you try to round up the whole herd early on a Sunday morning. 1/2 were ready ½ were not. We were magically out of gas, friends of ours Port au Prince who were supposed to help were missing in action and the phone would not stop ringing! Grace a dieu, by the time the morning chaos calmed down and everyone was loaded up in 2 trucks; we were only 20 mins late. We followed a good friend of ours, Kike, as we battled our way through the busy and insanely dense Sunday market. We tested our aquatic driving skills as we crossed a river and then a grand time off roading up the mountain to our final destination. When we reached the top of the hill I popped my head out the window and called out to the kids “Look at the view!!!!! Everybody say OOOOOWWW AAAAHHHHH…” The herd complied, lol.

Not sure when Youseline started throwing out peace signs but she does this in every photo

After an amazingly none logical parking job on some rocks, we piled out and headed up to the tree truck. That's really where our story ends because I never the kids again. They kept running up and down the mountain path grabbing trees and planting them and jumping on rocks and throwing sticks and who knows what else… Around lunchtime they magically appeared out of nature for sandwiches and water. Everyone was filthy and wet. What a great day!

Organizing so many junior planters was quite a challenge but our leader Lidi was amazing

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