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Getting Ready for Christmas

It's Christmas time again and as usual we are all worked like busy bees to prepare for our family festivities. This year the kids decided that our normal decorations were just not enough so while Sergina and I had our normal weekly grocery meeting the kids took full advance of us. These cheeky little kids came in to the office with their cutest puppy dog eyes and asked for a "few" pieces of colored paper. That ended up being every pack of paper we have! So as we planed our weekly meals as well as our holiday treats the kids got to making the biggest mess of all times. Like a bunch of little elves they cut and glued together not making a sound.

Sergina and I ran out the door to handle normal work stuff as well as our own secret Christmas missions. We ended up not seeing the kids for a few days before Christmas eve because I thought it would be cute to lock Sergina, our friend Laura and my self up in a hot little room painting 13 brand new little chairs. I originally told the ladies that it was an easy project that should only take us a couple hours......3 days later we were still painting the mini chairs. the paint was super sticky and after thousands of shower we gave up and wore the chair paint for the next 10 days as a reminder to all that we painted for our kids.

While we were busy playing with paint the kids were cutting up paper and making garlands that hung from every room in the house. They made 2 huge paper Christmas trees for our play room and for the kitchen. they cut out Santa's and ornaments and glued them our walls. I nearly killed them for that one but later they were able to make a good enough argument to escape the guillotines.

"Gala we ran our of medical tape in the first aid kit so the next best thing was tape" LOGICALLY!!!! the medical tape is defiantly not for tapping up booboo's..... what was I thinking LOL.

Estania may have impressed me the most during this decoration marathon. She made 2 huge paper wreaths for the house that looked like big Christmas flowers. When we finally came to house to celebrate she showed them off glowing with pride at her beautiful accomplishments

Christmas went down just as beautiful as every year that passes at Kay Angel. As usual we yanked every mattress in to the living room. We prepared our favorite snacks and camped out in front of our favorite movies. I feel particularly blessed this year because this was the first year in Christmas history i did not get punched in the face nor did i have to change camping positions due to accidental bed wetting

Merry Christmas from ALL of us at Kay Angel!!!!!!! And Very happy holidays!

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