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Back in action and stronger than ever...

Its been a while since I have found a quiet moment to write. We all love to hear the fun stories of how funny our kids can be and life is beautiful (because it is). Its also important that we share some of the more challenging moments of being part of such a large family and what it takes to keep us all together. I fell ill towards the end of the summer 2015, which forced me to stay state side for a few moths to kick a small medical issue in the butt. When I was finally able to come home I immediately saw the effects of leaving so long on our kids and our home. There was a new tension in the house that I had never experienced. This was also the first time I felt a cultural difference between my self and the kids. Over the next few weeks i worked hard to try and figure out why I had such a cold welcome home (normally I get dog piled by 13 kids and 2 huge dogs). As i played Sherlock Holmes I soon realized that there had been some negative influences and opinions forces upon the kids. Very often when you live in a multicultural house like ours, the differences can case misunderstandings. To make a long story short there were members of our staff who decided that it would be fun to try and play kids against one another, other members of the staff and myself. In the end we had to let them go and start fresh and new

The good news!!

We have a whole new group of strong, smart and compassionate women helping us raise all our kids (In all fairness we have 3 awesome guys too). And just when I thought it could not get any better I fund my new partner in crime Miss Sergina. She came during a dark time in our home and helped remind us and our new staff that we are a family and that there is lots of love and respect under our little roof. It has been 3 months since our new team joined our crew and each day our future as a family brightens. The kids grades in school have jumped up after taking a turn in the wrong direction around Christmas, the kids are bickering less and helping around the house more, our new staff communicates to each other as well as our admin team so no one is left in the dark..... So here is to starting over and making more great funny memories!!!!!

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