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WE MOVED (again)

We really hope this is the last time in a long time...... here s a preview of our new house and some of the amazing people who helped us move and make this new house feel like home! Huge thank you to everyone who was involved in the move esspesiaclly the girls who stood by us durring the big face off at the old house with our old mean landlord.....

This was our make shift table the first night. One bed, 4 larg buckets, 12 small buckets, 13 funny faces

Master shelve makers and our biggest saviors!!!

They saved our kitchen

And our "pharmacy"

My favorite partner in crime

I'm so pro-power tools!!

We have flower doors and windows thanks to some great friends that visited and some that stayed home but sent the fun materials

When the light hits the new stain glass curtains our rooms light up so pretty like :)

The Boss of us all !!!!

The boss's room

Our main hang out room

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