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We are on Boat!!!!

How exciting was today!!! Some good friends of mine run big cargo boats that transport goods to Jacmel. I happened to run in to them on my way to work and since it was Luckson's 10th Birthday I was desperately trying to think of something cool to do. IDEA!!! What if we could go visit the big boats!!! I asked my friends if this could be arranged and they gladly invited us down. I ran home grabbed the kids and BIEW! we were out the door and on our way to the docks. to our surprise there was not one big boat but 2 really cool big boats and were about to get a private tour of both.

The first boat was super fun, we visited everything from the engine room, kitchen, bow, to big control room. We learned about how the crew lives on the boat when out at sea and how they get to fish a whole lot. Then came the second boat. Although this one was smaller we had 10 ties more fun on it. The crew member giving us the tour of this boat was so cool! He explained to the kids all the cool weird and interesting stuff about the boat, how much cargo it could transport, boat safety, all your exit strategies if the boat sinks, how to survive after the boat sinks, how to read radar and more.......

I could not stop laughing!!!! Every time he explained something cool it seemed that the moral of the story always ended the same, if you don't follow the boat rules you would fall off and drown. My favorite one was if you go to the lou and don't tell anyone you could fall off the boat and drown. I thought he may traumatize the kids with all this talk of falling and drowning but I should have know better. I have had the pleasure of raising these kids for 3 1/2 years now and they have adopted my dark sense of humor in this short time. They quickly joined me in laughter as we were reminded of falling and drowning after every explanation of boat life.

Thank you to all our dear friends who help enrich our kids lives with fun experiences such as this. If you would like to join the team of people who help make our futures brighter please become a sponsor today.

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