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Merci La France!

Just before summer I had the pleasure of meeting 2 wonderful people, Capucine and Beto. They had come to our house to meet the kids and as an added bonus Capucine did some therapies with Martin. Over the months we kept in touch and became good friends. Just before I jetted off for summer found raising got an amazing call from Capucine. She had been speaking with her mother about our kids and how tricky it is to find good books for the kids french. Her mother went right to work hitting up some used bookstores and sent us 2 huge boxes of books and games all in french. This is such a precious gift. I showed up to the house with the boxes of goodies and started to display the new additions for our little library. The kids all circled the table and gazed down at the colorful books. They whispered things like "oh look at that one, its about pirates" or "wow, that one has food!". Once I was done displaying our new additions we jumped in and took turns exploring all the new wonders hidden with in the pages.

Merci beucoup Manmie Capucine pour les bells livers que vous nous avez envoyer pour nos enfants!!!!!!!!!

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