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Visit from great people

We had double trouble come to town with sacks of gifts and a whole lot of laughs. My all time favorite Fireman came with his lovely wife and a few days later my little sister. These guys were not playing around and restocked us with supplies for quite a while.

We had the pleasure of hosting Corey and his friend Joel last summer when they come to check us out, meet the kids and work slave laborers (i wish kidding). Never Had I seen 2 guys work as hard as these fire boys. Everyday they would wake up super early to get ready for a 12 hour work day on our land with my dad. They dug trenches, mixed cement by hand, hauled materials, battled with crazy hot sticky weather, and a face to face stare down with a tarantula. Not once dd these boys loose momentum for the week they were with us and the hole time they kept a smile on their face (even after almost killing over). They have become very dear friends and were some of the people that touched our hearts so dearly.

That being said you could only imagine how excited we were when we found out Corey was coming back and this time with his lovely wife!!!! These guys are too much. Not only do they sponsor 2 kids but they brought a whole bunch of medical supplies to restock our mini pharmacy, sandals, undershirts, water bottles, backpacks and much much more..... They were here to scope out a possible visit next summer where they will bring us more victims to torture mwahahahaha........ Corey then laid another beautiful surprise on us when he told us that wanted to take a video of Martin back to his good friend in Texas who works as a physical therapist. With any luck we will be overflowing with cool fire dudes!

Then there is my baby sister. She also came with all kinds of goodies for us. This was the first time I was able to introduce the kids to my sister and the kids were so happy. they had started a calendar to count down the days till our special guests came to town. The older girls would ask to see pics almost everyday of my sister. It was a very special feeling watching my kids sitting with my kid sister in my house sorting supplies. They could barley understand one another due to the language barrier but still my hall ways were filled with sound of my family (Haitian and American) working side by side laughing and just enjoying the moment.

The visits were short and were very sad to see everyone leave. Its amazing to me how this small group of kids can bring some many wonderful people together and touch so many hearts. It is such an honor to be a part of this and cherish every moment I have with my kids and the people that support our hopes and dreams for their future.

* no fire dudes were harmed during this last visit ;)



We can never have too much of this!

I bet you guys are tired of me always talking about undie pants but WE LOVE THEM!!

My mom went a bit crazy with presants for X-mas

The famous water bottle shot

I'm related to this monster

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