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Back to school prep

The Day I busted out the new shoes

YAY!!!! We have official gone back to school. I am so very proud to say that this year all our kids were able to switch to better schools thanks to some of our amazing friends. Every summer I have the pleasure of traveling to visit with some of my favorite supports. This Year I was lucky enough to visit both Montreal and Chicago. These guys all rocked it!!!!

My crew in Montreal (i love you guys) opened my eyes to a whole new world of books, games and study materials in french. I also had a great mission day with several friends there gathering both back to school supplies as well as the best X-mas gifts ever which included skate boards, panties, games, flash cards, pencil bags and SHOES!!!. Did I mention everything was in french! It is so hard to find good books for children in french here in Haiti so I was jumping out of my socks when i saw all the beautiful choices of children's books.

Kids arranged them in a cute circle

My crew in Chicago, lead by Miss Doris, also rocked it! We could NEVER do back to school with out the help of this group. They were able to raise over 1/2 of the kids school book and school tuition this year, but it came at a price.......I was forced to eat home made sweeties for a whole week. Thank you guys so much for every thing. Miss Doris was also able to get us pillow cases, undie pants, SHOES, clothes and more........

Miss Doriss, one of our most ccherished team members

Mille Merci to all of you who continue to support our kids and for taking time to make a difference in our lives.

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