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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas 2014!

This year was by far the most fun Christmas. For the past few months many of our friends and family have been helping me collect Xmas goodies for the kids. I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who participated in making this holiday so special. So how did we do it this year??? On Christmas eve traditionally we have a mass sleep over where we pull out all the mattresses and we all camp out in the living room watching movies and waiting for Santa. This was extra fun since we had some friends from my home town come in to spend Xmas with us. They of course joined us in the evening for the first of 4 movies and we all piled in to the living room and watched Maleficent. The kids loved it!! Of course Yakime was the last to pass out and Woodley the first. Once they were all down I jumped up and got to work. The next morning was super fun. We got a call from another friend of ours around 5:45 am saying he was on his way with some pancake surprises (FYI we were all already up and spying under the tree). AT 6:30 the whole crew was up and bouncing about. !/2 of the herd was in the kitchen helping with pancake and omelet breakfast. the other 1/2 were trying very very hard to peek inside the bags that held all the Xmas joy and fun. Since I am a horrible pancake maker i stayed in the dinning room with the littles and we tore in to Monopoly JR< this was the first time we had ever played a board game.

As you can imagine breakfast was a success and after breakfast comes presents!!!! Everyone already knew which bag was for who. All you could here for the next 20 mins was "LOOK WHAT I GOT!!!" Or sounds like "AHHHHH hahahahahahahaha" followed by tons of jumping. It was beautiful. Our friends joined us and and after spending the whole morning playing with all the new fun goodies we did what we always do for Xmas and we hit the beach. Please enjoy the photos of Kay Angel Xmas 2014 and thank you all once again for your support.

Look at all the goodies!! This was just the girls stuff.....

5:30 am I started to see eyes....

Check out the board games and new skate board wheels!!

We got soooooo many cars from my Mom and her Friends at the Peterson Automotive Museum

The rubber band looms have taken over!!

No seriously, once Dawn finished teaching the girls they have not stopped producing rubber jewls

Someone is happy!

Kettia Lion making faces

And more faces

Beach snacks

I didn't know necks could bend this far back

Estania and Melida around sunset

These three walked the whole way back to the car wrapped up with eachother and singing from the top of their lungs

Happy new years everyone!!!!!

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