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Visit to the pig farm

I have a very lovely friend in Jacmel who runs a pig farm and ever since he invited us to look at the farm we can't seem to get enough of talking to the pigs. Every time we pass his place on the way to the beach the kids yell "THERE IS THE PIG PLACE!!!" "we know that guy Gala its Jean Max's house!!!" " LETS GO, when are we going!". Thank god he is always down for me and troops to come for a visit. He is always so lovely and takes time to explain to the kids all the different sections of the farm, how they raise them and (this is the most exciting) he lets us feed them and pet them. As if having a whole bunch of pigs is not enough he also has fish and chickens and really pretty exotic birds. Oh yes and fruit trees everywhere which of course the kids jump on and eat everything. On this last trip to the farm Yakime and Luckson mentioned that they wanted to work there and stay with the pigs lol. Right away Jean Max told them if they were serious he would love to come have them learn about pigging over the summer. It was a really special feeling to see the boys take interest in something like farming and I'm excited to see what the summer will bring. Enjoy the photos

Here we are trotting down the path that leads to the baby pigs and where they prepare to food

These are some of the expecting mummys

Jean Max was explaining to us once again (hes done this a million times for us) how we get baby pigs ;)

The baby pig fairy dropps them off duh.........

These 2 had no fear for the big pigs


Just kidding it's a turtle

Farms are really the best and bring smiles all around

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